Hi there!

My name is Tristi Pinkston, and I'm a professional freelance editor with twenty years of experience and hundreds of successful manuscripts under my belt. Many of my projects have gone on to win awards and become bestsellers. I'd be more than happy to discuss your project with you.

Here are my parameters:
  • I don't work with horror, erotica, or vulgar language.
  • I'm looking for work that has gone through at least a couple of beta readers beforehand.
  • I work with Times New Roman, 12 pt. double spaced. I use Word and prefer to email manuscripts rather than using shared documents.
  • I charge $2.50 per page, which includes both line editing and content editing. 

I specialize in helping authors strengthen their skills and find their voice. I love taking a diamond in the rough and watching it sparkle. 

I offer a free three-page sample edit to see if our styles are a match. From there, I request 10% down with the remainder due at the time of completion. 

To schedule your edit or to ask any questions, please contact me at tristipinkston@gmail.com.