They say that to every thing there is a season, and that's certainly true for me. After thirteen years, hundreds of clients, and countless manuscripts, I'm going into semi-retirement. It's been an amazing ride. I've made great friends and had invaluable experiences, but my life is leading me more toward writing and publishing, so that's where I'll be putting the bulk of my energy. I will still work for previous clients on  case-by-case basis as time allows. Please contact me at to compare schedules and deadlines.

If I can't work you in or if you're a new client, here's a list of other resources, all of them recommended by me. Click their links for more information about them. 

Blevins Editing: Rebecca Blevins has been active in the writing industry for several years and opened her editing business, Blevins Editing, in the fall of 2014. Rebecca is currently focusing on editing middle grade and chapter books, but will consider other genres on a case-by-case basis.

Daniel Coleman does content editing with an eye on high-level edits complemented by details that make a book sing. The novel as a whole must resonate, but the details are what form the soul and skin of a book—prose and poetry, setting and scenes, characters’ filigree and flaws.  In order to be fair to each individual manuscript, he charges by the hour rather than by the word or page. Send him 5 pages for a free sample edit. 

Eschler Editing:Eschler Editing is a Best-of-State winning editorial and book-production company serving authors and entrepreneurs. The team includes industry experts who can offer editing (with genre specialists), ghostwriting, and full self-publishing services (or a la carte book production options) as well helping authors prep their manuscripts and correspondence for agents and traditional publishers. Our mission is to help authors get published, be read, and make their impact.

Fantasy Editing: Rachel Hert has been editing for published authors for over 5 years and opened her own business in 2013. She has an intense eye for detail, plot structure, and POV. Rachel does both content and copy-editing, specializing in fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, and paranormal, but loves a good story from nearly any genre. She does not work with horror, erotica, or the occult under any circumstances. As every book is different and takes a different amount of work, Fantasy Editing offers free, no-obligation quotes for each project. For a quote, please send the first ten pages (Times New Roman size 12, double spaced) to 

Precision Editing Group: Precision Editing Group, LLC, was launched by managing editor Heather Moore in response to the need for unbiased editing throughout the writing community. We offer content editing, copyediting, and proofreading. Send the first 10 pages of your manuscript to: for your free sample edit. Blog: Website: Phone: 801.851.0196

Prism Editing: Kimberly has been critiquing for published authors for the past eight years and has recently launched her own business. Her strength as an editor is content editing. She pushes her clients to go deeper into their main character’s POV, and gives concrete examples of how to do so. She also has a knack for pointing out issues with emotional authenticity, author interference, plot structure, and descriptions that don’t flow organically with the story. While she’s good at catching awkward, clunky wording and basic grammar issues, she’s not a copy editor, and punctuation is not her forte. But if you’re looking to deepen and clarify your work, Prism Editing might be a good match.

Sabine Berlin: Sabine is an avid reader of everything from Asimov to Zusak. She has a degree in history, writes YA fiction, does editing for Utah Valley University, and was selected to attend Orson Scott Card’s Literary Bootcamp, where she studied writing and critiquing. She has been freelance editing since 2012.